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This is my blog site looking at what’s holding back the church in America from being what it should be and at what is needed to have the church be all that it should be. It’s a blog site that is especially focused on the things that should motivate Christians and how we get many of these things wrong. It’s intended to look at what people find exciting about church and what people find boring in order to learn how best to stay faithful to biblical Christianity while bringing the excitement of God’s own presence into each Christian’s life. If you want to see more of the items I’ve posted, click on Charlie on the left side of the blog area. I encourage you to comment on any of these items. I also encourage you to use the CONTACT page to suggest ideas on the things that should motivate us as Christians. (If you simply want to send a message to us about this site or any other topic, you can also use the CONTACT page.)

Note: Comments will not normally be posted if the email address of the commenter cannot be verified or if the content of the comment does not deal with the subject matter of a post. New Century Ministries, Inc. reserves the right to edit comments for grammar, clarity, and expression consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ. We will gladly post comments challenging any position taken by this website as long as the challenge is clear enough to be understood and in language appropriate to this site.