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Welcome to New Century Ministries

It’s Time for the Real Thing!!

We as Protestant Christians like to claim that we practice what the Bible teaches, but the truth is that what we practice and teach is weighed down by traditions that have nothing to do with what Jesus and his followers taught. In fact, even at our roots, we focused on one error (works salvation as opposed to salvation by grace through faith) and failed to see that many other traditions we kept were actually harming our message. The goal of New Century Ministries is to help Christians find true Christianity—the message that Jesus brought that is astonishingly good news. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but what we have found is huge, awesome, exciting, and downright fun for those who find the reality of Christianity.

Christianity is not about boring sermons and rituals! We have almost universally ritualized Christianity, but while real Christianity uses some rituals to help folks in their Christian lives, the rituals are just tools–they are never the reality.

Christianity is not about fluffy pep rallies with no meat! Many who have seen the emptiness of rituals for the sake of ritual have turned instead to the appearance of enthusiasm, but enthusiasm with no real content. It may be the best show in town, but it’s not real Christianity.

Christianity is not about ancient traditions with roots that have nothing to do with the message brought by an itinerant and homeless preacher named Jesus! In fact, many of the traditions that we consider very, very sacred are actually working against what Jesus taught, while others are simply distractions. Tradition has its place in Christianity, but we need to constantly examine our traditions in the light of what Jesus and his followers taught.

Christianity is definitely not about bigger buildings with taller steeples and larger budgets! Christianity is not about a bunch of rules and restrictions! Even our Bible translations use the word “church,” a word whose roots in English are tied to a building, to translate a New Testament word that really means “team.” We have reached the point where we believe the first thing a Christian team needs is a building, but when Christianity took over the Roman Empire about 300 years after Jesus rose from the dead, there were hardly any buildings owned by the Christians for religious purposes. Buildings can be very useful, but too often the building becomes the focus.

Christianity is about life–a life that is good for now and for eternity! It’s about Joy! It’s about the caring, unselfish, generous, active, forgiving love that can make any world a paradise! It’s exciting! It’s motivating! And it gives meaning and purpose to life as nothing else can!

New Century Ministries started in 2000 with a goal to help Christians find out more about the exciting and motivating message of Christianity that far too many Christians do not see. At the time this ministry started, church services were too often boring or worse and Christians were too often living as if they were not Christians. Our first material, a book called Revitalizing Christianity, put together several of the most important lessons that should inspire Christians and turn church gatherings into pure joy! This book focused on the things that steal the motivation God intended all Christians to find in the message Jesus brought. That book was published in 2011, but it was obvious that the materials in that book would be suitable for a study group if there were a study guide to go with it. In 2012 the Revitalizing Christianity Study Guide was published. However, the combined cost of the book and the study guide was too high for most groups to consider, so this year we’ll be publishing those materials in individual studies along with additional but related materials. In addition, this year we’ll be publishing e-books of a new translation of the gospels with all four gospels combined into a single account.

This ministry also shares the lessons of Christianity in workshops, seminars, conferences, and various speaking engagements designed to help Christians find joy, excitement, and motivation in living for their Lord. It’s past time that we find the REAL THING!!

If you’d like to see some of the things we hope to accomplish and the reasons why, see the HELP page.

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